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Latest News

November 26th, 2012
The North Carolina Society of Periodontists and the Southern Academy of Periodontology together will host the winter meeting this January 25th and 26th, 2013 in Charlotte, NC.

For more information follow this link to SAP:

June 5th, 2011
Membership dues can now be accepted online. Please use the payment menu on the home page to make your payment.

MARCH 16, 2011
Current NC periodontal society members can now find their offices listed under the find an office tab. Patients can use this tool to easily find a periodontist near them. If your a periodontist and your name does not appear then either society dues are owed or a mistake has been made.

JANUARY 14, 2011
Site development has begun for The member application form is available for download in the members section.

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Who needs a periodontist?

For gum disease sufferers, whether or not your situation requires a periodontist depends on the severity of the situation and the opinion of your current dentist (if you have one). Generally, patients with gingivitis (an early form of gum disease) can reverse their gum inflammation themselves by adopting a better dental health routine. However, someone with periodontitis (severe gum disease) is better off seeing a periodontist, especially if they require surgical intervention.

Certain conditions can cause someone to be more prone to gum disease, including certain medications, prolonged illness, uncontrolled chronic disease (like diabetes), smoking, and pregnancy. These individuals may benefit from visiting a periodontist so that they can receive a more thorough examination for early signs and symptoms of disease, and learn what steps they can take to keep disease at bay.

Periodontists provide multiple treatment options, from cleanings to surgeries, to treatgum disease, and other diseases affecting the gums and bones surrounding the teeth. Some also perform cosmetic procedures, including tissue grafts and tooth lengthening (gum reduction).